If you are seeking a spinner or a beauty queen, please leave my website ASAP! 

What makes me unique? I’m a statuesque, strong, sensual, Amazon woman. 



Current location: Minneapolis, MinnSNOWta

Status:  Available


Upcoming tour:  N/A


I’m based in Minneapolis, MN. I only use this website when I’m touring. If you’re ever up in MinnSNOWta look me up on my home website McKenzie Gold’s Home website




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Please read my website is full detail, as I want to respect your time and mine.



Ni~ Hao! (Hello).


I’m a body rub specialist from Minneapolis, MN. Visiting the city of***** (****** ) from*****  to*****During my visit. I will stay at a conveniently located hotel.


I’m a 30-year-old independent body rub specialist. Chinese, 5’10 tall, 170 pounds, 36 C. I’m a former athlete. (Volleyball player 2008-2010) I speak Chinglish, (Broken English produced by people whose mother tongue is Chinese) please have patience with me.


Not for everyone nor do I pretend to be. I’m NOT a Victoria’s Secret model. I’m NOT skinny or curvy. I’m an Asian Amazon warrior. My height and weight is proportional to my body. I’m a statuesque, affectionate, experienced, down to earth Asian body rub therapist with a silky smooth body. That’s what makes me an exotic woman.


My smooth soft skin, long legs, sparkling eyes, and very strong hands will a give you a sensual touch, that you will feel long after you leave. I have a few exotic tattoos and my grooming is natural. Do you love kissing and cuddling? Well, I do too!


My attention to detail, disciplined body rub training, friendly personality and desire to please you will take away your stress and put a smile on your face😊.


will not communicate with any VoIP number andScreening is necessary to schedule an appointment. Please click here to check my screening process. If you are unwilling to screen please move on.An appointment MUST be made with at least 2.5 hours advance notice.


People under the influence of alcohol or any kind of drug are disqualified for body rub session.


DO NOT provide any face pictures. 


I’m a body rub specialist only, NOT an escort. I do enjoy the touch of a man’s hands caressing my body, kissing and cuddling. Of course, my body rub finishes with a storybook ending.


Host body rub session donation:

Same day appointment donation: 

$250 for 50 minutes non-rush session or $400 for 90 minutes explore session. 

Reserved Appointment with a day ahead of time and return visitor donation:

$230 for 50 minutes non-rush session or $380 for 90 minutes explore session. 


Outcall body rub session donation: 

Same day appointment donation: 

$340 for 50 minutes non-rush session or $490 for 90 minutes explore session.

Reserved Appointment with a day ahead of time and return visitor donation:

$320 for 50 minutes non-rush session or $470 for 90 minutes explore session. 



I’m available to travel to Downtown upscale hotelsI do not travel to any residential area or hotels outside of Downtown. 


Cash only. I DO NOT discuss donations or session details  in any conversation prior to meeting. Any donation/gift are strictly for my time and companionship only. Discretion is a must. I do not engage in any illegal activities.


I accept appointments every day from 12 pm to 10:30 pm. Please do not call after hours.


I accept appointments only! I need time to be especially presentable to you so you MUST book in advance. Pre-booking will get you on my schedule. At least a 2.5 hours notice will get you in the door. 


I’m NOT a morning person. Afternoon and evening will work the best for me. If you would like to reserve a time for noon please make sure you give me advance notice a day ahead. 


Please respect our appointed time. I understand that c’est la vie (sometime stuff happens), If you can’t make it please notify me immediately. If you must cancel or make a change please do so no less than 2.5 hours. Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me twice, shame on me. One NCNS or last minute cancellation will be enough send you to my blacklist. One strike and you’re out.


I love clean and well-mannered, over 35 white/Asian gentlemen. I choose not to see AA and Indians descent.


Keep in mind, YMMV. I’m upfront and proud of who I am. While I perfectly understand I will not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I honestly marketing myself and prepare myself for your visit. If for any reason, after we meet you decided to leave, please know I expect a $95 cancellation fee for my time. $130 cancellation fee if it’s an out call.


I’m respectful and kind and I expect the same. I won’t judge your age, height, weight, appearance, marital status. I will open my arms to welcome you, but if you are being mean or rude i will not hesitate to show you the door.

📱    612-597-9200

📧      Mckenzielakegold@gmail.com                     


Want to dial my number? Not too quick…. 


 * I prefer to communicate through text and email first. I will not answer unexpected phone call. 

 * Any inquiry/discussion about my donation or session details will not be accepted. Doing so will prompt me to discontinue our conversation.

*Wonder why you never heard from me?will not respond to any messages/emails that are meaningless. Some perfect examples to be ignored:

  “Hello”, “Hey”, ” What’s up?”, “How are you? “

 “How much?”, “Are you available now?”, “Baby, are you there? ” 

* I will not return any missed calls unless you leave me a voicemail asking me to do so.


Xie’ Xie (Thanks)  

from a strong, statuesque, glamazon, exotic, Chinese woman

Peace, joy, tranquility, love and 

McKenzie Gold


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